Printing is about quality and turnaround
and we deliver on both fronts.

Using our UV cured flatbed, latex and solvent printers, we can provide you with high-quality digital prints for all a whole range of applications. Our wide format digital printer uses white and metallic inks to create superb prints with a luxurious edge, printing any graphic with a width of up to 1600 mm.


Flat Bed


Laser Etch

Quality print assured with our Epson SureColour and our Anapurna Flat Bed

This engine delivers high-quality prints on practically any rigid and sheet material. White ink and six colors with 13 pl print heads allow it to deliver prints that will give you a competitive advantage. The high-density color printing function makes prints even brighter and more intense.

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Vinyl window graphics are durable, cost efficient with a quick turnaround.

Window decals are an attractive and affordable way to put messages on windows, doors and mirrors. We have a range of specialist vinyl for every application.

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Some of our highest grade material substrates ready for direct print to its surface.

With substrates you often have to shop about for the best possible material that works with each client, after trialing every possible substrate on the market we believe we have found the best qulaity and most durable materials your money can buy.  All of the substrates hold UV cured direct print to its surface with the capability of durability and cost efficiency.



Rigid PVC


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